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Oracle Licensing can be difficult to master. Get expert help from Redress Compliance. We are independent Oracle licensing experts who help companies with Oracle compliance Oracle audit defense, Oracle Cloud and Oracle ULA.

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Oracle Licensing Experts

Redress Compliance are leading independent Oracle license experts that supports clients worldwide and in Australia with Oracle ULA compliance. This includes also includes Oracle license audits and internal Oracle licence reviews. Redress Compliance is the premier provider of Oracle licensing expertise. Our consultants all have over 10 years experience in Oracle licensing work and are recognized as the best Oracle licensing experts in the IT asset management sector.

Independent Oracle License Experts

Redress Compliance does not sell Oracle software. We will not be a partner for any company that is a rival to Oracle. We won’t try to steer your ship in any other direction than what is best for you. Ex-Oracle, we have unique skills and are now consultants for many years. We learned how Oracle prices and discounts Oracle LMS scripts and how Oracle interprets different Oracle licensing policies and terms. Our unique perspective combines the Oracle and client views and allows us to advise clients on Oracle licensing management strategies.


                                                              Oracle Cloud Licensing Experts

As independent Oracle cloud licensing advisors, we are not Microsoft partners and will recommend Azure to you. We are not AWS partners and we will encourage you to use AWS. We will not steer you to use the cloud platforms of Google, IBM, or Oracle Cloud as we are not a partner. We only work with our clients. We will explain the pros and cons of each platform to you so that you can make the right decision about where to migrate your Oracle cloud platforms. We assist you in ensuring that your cloud migration to the cloud platform you choose is cost-effective and legal. We are experts in Oracle Universal Cloud Credits, Bring Your Own License, Oracle SaaS Applications, and Oracle Fusion.