Oracle ULA Certification Service


The Oracle ULA Certification service is for companies who have entered into an Oracle ULA and the agreement term is ending within 1 to 12 months. The sooner you benefit from the activities in this service, the less unwanted results and higher ROI you will achieve.

Oracle ULA certification risks


    • As soon as you notify Oracle about your intention of leaving, they want to conduct an Oracle license audit with the purpose of finding incentive for you to renew the Oracle ULA.
    • If you do not accurately understand what you are using, you may under-count your Oracle ULA certification numbers and obtain too few licenses.
    • If you certify your Oracle ULA – how to make sure that you do not need to purchase additional Oracle software in the next few years.
    • Completing the Oracle ULA certification document is a difficult task for even an experienced Oracle licensing consultant.

Oracle ULA exit service benefits

We simulate a real Oracle license audit of your Oracle licensing estate, and we will provide you with an Oracle license position, including your current Oracle ULA deployments, but also any deployments that you made that are not part of the Oracle ULA.

If any financial risk is identified, we can provide you with recommendations for how to remediate and if required negotiate with Oracle to minimize the costs of your company

Oracle ULA certification service includes


    • Establish an Oracle license position for your Oracle ULA software.
    • Oracle ULA full contractual analysis to understand your risks and rights during the certification process.
    • Help you remediate financial risk that we identify before the Oracle ULA ends.
    • Helping you maximize current Oracle ULA by Oracle licensing strategies targeting
      you with an Oracle ULA exit with a high certification number.
    • We help you complete the Oracle ULA certification documents, which includes
      Oracle Global Deployment report covering all your Oracle deployments as well as
      Oracle unlimited license agreement terms.
    • We support your team in all communications with Oracle during the Oracle ULA certification process.
    • Oracle ULA negotiation support if required.


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